How Olympic medalists are like College Students

Last week, I moved back to campus for my last year in undergrad! It didn’t take long to re-familiarize myself with Bowling Green, and now I’m halfway through the first week of class.

An interesting class discussion on the recent Olympics gave me this silly idea that I thought was interesting.  If you were a person who was just tuning in to the games, and had no background knowledge, you would most likely be able to figure out which medal a person had won.  (This is just a generic observation of most people, not everyone falls into these categories).

The gold medal winners are always ecstatic, happy, and always grinning.  You couldn’t wipe the smile off their face if you tried.

Jessica Ennis Gold Medal

Gold Medalist Jessica Ennis.
Photo credit: John Sibley

The silver medal winners are usually happy but disappointed that they didn’t get the gold.  Small smiles, but more concerned faces here.

Bronze medalists are happily grinning and super excited because they know they almost could have walked away with nothing.

I have noticed that this same concept applies to my college campus.  The Seniors are walking proudly with great posture, smiling, and relaxed. Poised, like a gold medalist.

The sophomores and juniors are usually frantically hurrying to class, looking disheveled and stressed because they have soooo much to do. Concerned, like a silver medalist.

And the Freshman are walking slowly, beaming with excitement, sporting their new WKU t-shirts, and smiling at everyone.  Happy for the opportunity, like a bronze medalist.

College Freshman at WKU

Incoming Freshman.
Photo credit: Jabin E. Botsford, WKU Herald. (click for article)

This is just an observation I have had since moving back to WKU.  In the end, we will all end up with the gold medal, but it takes at least 4 years of investment and a lot hard work.  What a year this is going to be, I’m going gold.

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