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There are some people take adventure to the next level.  Some extreme adventurers spend their entire lives training or leading up to do something that most people will never do in a million years.  I’ve rounded up some of those things that I will only experience vicariously through National Geographic photographs and movies! I don’t aspire to climb Mt. Everest, or wrestle a bear, but I give major props to the adventurers out there that live for the extreme thrills.

1) Wrestle an animal

You see it all the time on the Discovery channel with shows like Turtleman and River Monsters.  These men like Steve Irwin, Ernie Brown Jr., and Jeremy Wade all have something in common, and it’s that they love to hunt animals.  They are all also men.  Possible sexist sport, here?  You never see a women with her own animal-wrestling show.  I do hear of women noodling, or catching catfish with their bare hands. This may sound appealing to some, but I would rather pop some corn and watch from the safety and comfort of my home.

Noodling Joella Bates

Noodling with Joella Bates
Photo: Girls Gone Grabblin’

2) Camp out on the side of a cliff

My only experience of rock climbing was at the county fair when I was around 10 years old. And I was so scared that I peed myself right before putting the harness on. (I am not joking). I took that as my sign to run for the hills, so I did. Now if that was me on the kiddie-county-fair-fake rock wall, imagine me pitching a tent on the side of a cliff like this guy.  Where is the craziest place you would pitch a tent?

Extreme Rock Climbing

(Click for more photos)

3) Wing-suit flying

I was first introduced to the idea of flying from a movie (Transformers, anyone?) and have been fascinated by the thought ever since.  This is something I would love to see built as a simulation, like the rides at Universal Orlando theme parks, so people like me could experience them.  The gear and lessons can be super expensive, and according to experience in skydiving is highly recommended. I don’t know about you, but this makes skydiving look like the kiddie ride.  I definitely admire extreme adventurers like Jokke Sommer who have followed their passion for flying. Check out this video of Jokke in action. And if you love watching wingsuit jumps like me, check out the Wing Suit News blog.

Happy Labor Day Weekend. What are some other extreme adventures you love to watch other people do?

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