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My brother Cotton

golden retriever dog

My golden retriever, Cotton

In preparation for my next trip to North Carolina and the Cumberland Gap, I got a new camera lens and flash.. and some other stuff! I was too excited, I had to do some test shots on my dog Cotton. He’s a lover.

So for this photo, I used:

Canon EOS Rebel T3i
50 mm
1/35 sec
ISO 6400

In other news, today I was hired by a travel agency to do on campus promotions for t-r-a-v-e-l.  I am so excited to start learning more about the industry and pursuing a career that impacts people in a meaningful way.  And also gives me an excuse to buy new camera things and take pictures of my handsome Cotton. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My brother Cotton

      • Almost anywhere in the outer banks, but there is such a variety of terrain, that something of interest can be found anywhere, although we didn’t make it too far inland because of the heat (middle of July). Shackleford Bank was especially fun, with its herds of wild ponies. It’s easy to catch small ferries/launches that can take you there. There are also many great light houses if you are near the coast.

        • The outer banks is exactly where I plan on going! with the sole purpose of practicing with my camera. Thank you for the tip about Shackleford Bank, I will definitely check into it. Nice meeting you, Galen 🙂 You take beautiful pictures

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