Enhancing your travel photos


Editing photos can turn a normal photograph into a work of art. Sometimes, editing can just mean enhancing the natural features in the photo like adjusting the exposure or something very small like that. If you play around long enough, you could actually stumble upon something stunning that may not resemble your natural photo, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. I try not to get caught up into the technical aspects of editing so much as just creating art.

I’ve tried several different editing softwares including inDesign, illustrator, photoshop, creative Onesuite, and Lightroom 4. As far as travel photography, I find that Lightroom 4 is the easiest and fastest way to just enhance the photo and really turn it into something. It doesn’t have the complete functionality of photoshop, but I use it for about 90% of my editing. I edited the photo in this post with Lightroom 4.

before after sunset

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