The only thing I am left wondering after the past two months, is where have the past two months gone? I can´t beleive it is almost time to return to the states. Studying abroad has been the best decision I´ve made since going to college. Going abroad literally opens a door to a different … Continue reading


Spain Favorites

  There are so many things I love so far about Madrid, but these are the things I will probably miss the most when I return to the states! – Sandwiches from Rodilla. My favorites are tortilla, queso azul con rucula, and queso con nueces – Mantaditos. This is considered Spanish fast food…they are like miniature bocadillos (sandwiches) and they are soo delicous. … Continue reading


My Birthday!

  I turned 20 this past Saturday! 20 is such an important birthday, because it is officially the end of adolescence and the beginning of ‘adulthood’. Although I’m no longer a teen, I still feel and act like one. 🙂 My roommate and I went to two different towns that nobody has ever heard of, … Continue reading


The ISA Journal Bethany Mullins is a student at Western Kentucky University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Bethany is currently studying abroad in Madrid, Spain on the ISA Summer 1 & 2 programs. You may hear a lot about the fun things you get to do while abroad, but what you may not hear a … Continue reading