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A White (House) Christmas

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the death of my older brother.  Ever since he was killed in action, my life has taken so many different turns and has completely changed directions.  He has had such an impact on so many different lives, especially his friends and family. I know he is still here in spirit taking care of his little sister. Rest in peace, Brandon.

Brandon Mullins

In light of this anniversary, I wanted to share our  trip to the White House last Christmas where my mom hung a star for Brandon on the Gold Star tree.  This was quite an adventure.  We drove from our house in KY all the way to D.C., always a long trip. There is something about 12 hour car rides that causes delirium, but playing games on the iPad and catching up on the latest adventure novel (The Hunger Games) kept us going. And also, kept our minds off of the grieving we were still feeling inside.

The White House

Ok, so this much chocolate in one staue should be illegal.  This is a white chocolate statue of the white house.  I wanted to eat it right then and there, but I refrained. I wonder how long this took to make?

White Chocolate White House

I did get to meet one member of the Obama family.  Their dog, Bo! Well, his replica at least.

The First Dog Bo

My mom refers to this trip as her ‘pilgrimage’ because she never gets out of the house.  It was worth it to see the beautiful White House at Christmas time.  The weather was absolutely freezing! I just remember how bitter the wind was. We took refuge in the shadow of the Washington monument while waiting to go inside the house.

White House Christmas Tree

Gold Star Tree

All this Christmas talk is making me want to go skiing and drink hot chocolate. What is your favorite thing to do at Christmas time? It’s never too early to talk about Christmas, right?? 🙂

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