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Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Two mornings ago, I woke up in Germany. One morning ago, I woke up in Spain. And this morning, I woke up in…my very own bed! Does 2 days of non-stop traveling – I’m talking nomad status here – just sound like the most exciting adventure ever?

– Sleeping in an airport is not as bad as it seems,

– being rebooked and re-routed because a flight was cancelled is no big deal,

– and having to file a delayed baggage claim is just another thing to add to the list of stories from my trip.  (Hopefully I get my bag soon…)

The most valuable piece of advice I can give to you for your next trip is to be flexible. I can’t stress that enough.  Expect things to go wrong, but also know that many things will go right. The other thing that kept me always alert and feeling refreshed was my MegaHydrate supplement from the Longevity Warehouse.  Seriously, I can not travel without this little gem.

It took 2 trains, 3 planes, and a 2 hour car ride to finally make it home to Kentucky, but Hello bluegrass state, I am home. 🙂

The most excited to see me return? None other than my precious pup, Ted! He says he’s coming with me on my next adventure!

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