Costa Rica

Touring the mangrove, and the sea

As a part of our excursion, we got to take a cruise to a remote part of the beach to do some snorkeling and noodle-ing.  I had so much fun being able to relax with my friends in ISA and forget about the stress that class can sometimes bring.

Hanging out with our noodles and floaties in the middle of the Pacific

Sunset after our short cruise with Marlin Del Rey

Our final morning in Tamarindo, we toured the mangrove.  The best way to explain a mangrove is just a series of branches and tree roots tangled together to make…a grove.  It is swampy, and full of wildlife. (I am saving all of my wildlife photos for one post later on).  When we got deep inside the grove and I thought we’d never make it out alive, our guide made us get out of the boat and walk even further to see monkeys…this would have been great if I hadn’t been wearing flip flops!!!

Touring the mangrove

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