Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica

We arrived just in time for the sunset! View from our resort.

Finally, we get to spend an entire weekend at the beach!!! There are lots of beaches in Costa Rica, but we are going to Playa Tamarindo on the Pacific side. It is a really popular tourist spot, so it can get pretty crowded.  The difference between the Caribbean side and Pacific side is that the water is more clear in the Caribbean than in the Pacific, and the people who inhabit the area.

The beach

Kate and I at our surf lesson

Me actually riding the wave and not drowning in it!

A few of us got to take a surfing lesson while at Playa Tamarindo! I never knew surfing was such a physical sport, but I had such a great teacher he got me up on a wave on the 3rd attempt!!! As small of a wave it might be, it was still a great feeling.

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