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DIY Wedding Invitations

If you want to cut costs for your wedding but not style, then you will LOVE these DIY wedding invitations.  Under $1 a piece for each invitation, not to mention they are super elegant and cute!

DIY wedding invitation cheap elegant

Elegant and cost-effective DIY wedding invitations

First you want to pick out the colors of your wedding so your invitations can match! I chose purple, silver, and white for an elegant winter wedding!

For this layered look, I got all of my supplies from

  • Layer Invitation Cover in Silk Pearl, 5 3/8 x 7 3/4
  • Layer Invitation Insert in Metallic Quartz 5 x 7 1/2
  • Flat rectangle cars in Metallic Quartz, 4 1/2 x 5 1/2
  • A8 Envelopes in Latte
  • A8 Pattern Envelope Liner in Victorian Grey
  • Monogram envelope seals
  • Purple nylon ribbon from Hobby Lobby

For the design, I used Microsoft Word and free downloadable fonts! It took a me a couple tries before I finally got the look I wanted.  I looked at several designs on Pinterest and ended up combining all of my favorites into this one classic, and elegant look.

wedding invitation design Microsoft word

For the text I used the font Songti SC Regular font, which should be included in Microsoft word.

For the cursive “and”, I inserted a text box, changed the wrapping to “in front of text”, and then right clicked and chose “send to back” for a layered look.  The font I chose was Jellyka Western Princess, which you can download here.

To highlight the date of our wedding, I put it in a really pretty cursive font Some Weatz Swashes, which you can download here.

I followed the same design pattern for the reception card.  For the monogram R, I used the font Respective.

I printed this onto the Metallic Quartz paper using a standard inkjet printer, then glued the invitation insert onto the invitation cover using an adhesive from Hobby Lobby.

I then tied the purple bow, don’t worry if it turns out a little crooked because once you insert it into the envelope, it will straighten out!

As for the envelopes, I used the same Respective font for the guest names, and Songti SC Regular for the addresses.  In Microsoft Word you can also insert a symbol of a heart by clicking insert, symbol, and finding the little heart.  I chose to put this on the return address in the place of a comma between Owensboro and Kentucky.  So adorbs.

wedding invitation diy

Once I made the invitation, I glued the envelope insert into the envelope, put the invites inside, and sealed it with a precious monogrammed R sticker.

I am so happy with they way these invites turned out!!! Next, I am making the programs following this same design style.  Let me know what you think, or if you try!

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