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The top of the world is a beautiful place

A good starting point for any traveler is hopping on Expedia and buying a plane ticket, or renting a car.  I never imagined traveling across countries (plural, there) by bicycle (yes, two pedals and an uncomfortable seat) until I read this inspiring article of a young man who was doing exactly that.

A group of college students reporting in Urbino, Italy wrote this article about Keiichi Iwasaki, a Japanese man who was traveling around the world pedaling as fast as his little legs would carry him.

I can’t help but be inspired by Keiichi.  His story puts into perspective how you don’t need a lot of money to see the world and be able to learn from it.  In this case, all you need is a little stamina and a bike.

What an interesting way to really connect with the Earth, and to become a part of it.  That is exactly what I long to do.  Become a part of the Earth instead of being just an observer.

I was so impressed with this article, I had to share!

“By using a bike, I can feel a lot more things than if I used an airplane.”  – Keiichi

Credit: Urbino Project 2011 / ieiMedia

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