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Zombie College Syndrome

Routine.  Is that thrill? Happiness? Living?

No.  It’s boring.

I come to find myself settling into a nice little routine: class, work, watch Dexter, study, sleep.  And while I find routine is sometimes okay – healthy even –  it’s making me want to throw up.  I realized this tonight, when I finally deferred from my routine.  Instead of the usual, I turned on some music (like I used to) and suddenly my mind shut off. And I was no longer zombie college student.

As I sit here listening to La Playa by Cali y El Dandee, all of my thrills and adventures in Europe this summer come rushing in.  You know, when you’re by yourself and you remember something and then just start smiling and laughing and people around you are like…what?  Yup. That’s me.  Not having any routine, living day to day, and not planning anything out in advance.  That is the funnest thing in the world.  Funnest? Yes, I’ll use that word.

At the time, booking a plane ticket to Germany a week before and just going by myself seemed like a bad idea.  Sleeping at the airport, seemed a bad idea.  Attending a bullfight, yet another bad idea.  But those experiences are what I remember most, the things that stick out in my mind, and make my entire being smile.

These may be blurry pictures, but they’re not blurry memories.

La Liberaliea Wine tasting

Drinking wine in Spanish country.

Cali y El Dandee concert

Listening to two attractive colombians sing to me.

Flamenco show

Clapping to a flamenco show.

Andrew Garfield

Meeting Spiderman aka Andrew Garfield



My biggest challenge this semester won’t be my classes or balancing out a busy schedule. It will be to overcome the ‘zombie college student syndrome’ (named it myself, do you like?) and find new ways to set myself free.  It’s time to kick routine in the ass, and put our lives back into motion.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.”

-Paulo Coelho

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