Rastro by Day, Bullfight by Night


Things have begun to slow down here in Madrid. The first month was fun-filled with excursions, visits to famous places in the city, museums, and walking just about everywhere.  Now, I am starting to settle into a routine of school in the morning, lunch around 2 pm, nap from 3-6pm, dinner at 9pm, and sleep around midnight… with a couple other shopping sprees, eating out, and ice creams sprinkled in here and there.

Last week I went to the Museo del Prado and saw some incredible art from Goya, Valázquez, and El Greco.  It was probably more culturally enriching than my class in Spanish culture….just kidding! But I really did learn a lot from these paintings that still have modern themes and relativity.  I always love seeing paintings that I´ve studied in an art history class.  They look so much more appealing in real life than on paper.  If you ever get to come to Madrid, definitely check out this museum!

This past weekend my roommate and I went to the Rastro and also saw a bullfight! Check it out in this vlog.

This weekend is my birthday!!! Friday I am going to see El Rey León (The Lion King) on Spanish Broadway, and Saturday I am going to a wine tasting at Bodega de Vinos in Toro, Spain. I am very excited for a break from classes and to enjoy some good wine!


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