Segovia, Spain


Wake up. Look at a Spain guidebook. Eat breakfast. Decide…it’s a great day to go to Segovia.  That is how we ended up going to Segovia, one of the oldest cities in Spain.

When I was deciding where in Spain I wanted to study, it was between Segovia and Madrid which are about an hours distance from each other.  Segovia is a small, historic town with lots of things to do and lots of new foods to eat! The delicacy: cochinillo, or roasted suckling pig…and trust me you know it’s a pig when they put it on your plate.  The three other main things in Segovia are of course the Aqueduct (self-explanatory), the cathedral (again, self-explanatory), and alcázar (a palace built for the Castilian royal family and later turned into a prison). My roommates and I had so much fun getting lost in Segovia and taking pictures of ourselves, with views like these how can you not? (;

El cochinillo or roasted suckling pig. The leg, toes and all.

After walking the cobblestone pavements of Segovia all day, I am glad to be back in Madrid. Let the summer begin!


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