Spain: Alive and Well


After feeling like I fell off planet Earth for a few days, I finally feel connected to the world again! Never have I been so happy to have Internet in my life!! I am alive and well in Madrid.

Can I just say, I love living in the city. Nothing beats riding the metro, the smell of pollution, and grumpy drivers speeding past you.  But, seriously! I’m not joking.  A change of scenery is sometimes what you need to grow and become your own, and coming from the back woods of Kentucky, the city is something I don’t get enough of.

Despite having no free WiFi in my Spanish apartment, I have the sweetest Spanish mom and roommates.  Best of all, no english allowed! I am going to be forced to learn Spanish like a 5-year-old being forced to eat their vegetables.  But thankfully in my case, I like vegetables. 🙂

“Ayer la vi, bailando por ahi, con sus amigas en una calle de Madrid”

Taken at the famous Retiro Park

Inside the rose garden of Retiro park…Finally, a place where my ‘princess’ attitude is accepted.

And lastly, sunrise in Madrid. This is the view right outside my window. Don’t fall too far in love. 😉


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