Wounded Warrior Walk

To finish out the week’s activities was the Wounded Warrior Walk, in which all the wounded soldiers and gold star families walked from the memorial to the AHA (army holding area) symbolizing unity and strength.  We walked past every platoon standing in formation, applauding for their fellow brothers.  There were over 400 purple hearts given to these Arctic Wolves.

And to wrap up our Alaskan adventure, some of Brandon’s closest friends had us out for dinner.  They had so many stories to share of Brandon, and it felt great to remember him and his heart of gold.  Stories like how he and his best friend Holcomb chased one of the guys pretending they had a huge spider, and how he would talk to Daisy the dog they found in Afghanistan saying “He just a wittle doggy, he just wants to pway.”

Talking with everyone made me feel like I was talking to Brandon.  His spirit lives in every single one of those boys, and although life continues to move on, and some are leaving Alaska soon, this is where a strong bond between brothers began.  And it gives me peace knowing that Brandon had such great friends and had love that not many people find in their lives. A love stronger than any war.

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