Things that Alaska Makes You Say

One of the great things about jet lag and inexperienced travelers is that funny things tend to come out of delusion and a state of deliriousness.  I recorded most of these little snippets of comic relief just for kicks and giggles.  For those of you who are reading this and know me and my family, see if you can guess who said what. 🙂

“I. Am. Hilarious. I. Am. TOMMYYYYY”

“Almond Joy’s have nuts, Mounds…don’t.”

“Is Mt. McKinley in Alaska?!?!?!”

“I find it odd that we are at the North Pole,
and I haven’t seen many toys…”

“What do you mean I’m wobblin???!!!
Am I wobblin?”

“I saw the sun go down, and not even
5 minutes later I saw it come up”

“That cinnamon roll was the size of her head!”

“I wish they’d stop sending
me requests on Farmville…”

“If you said they had an ice cream buffet…then I’d want to get up.”

“Our gimlet got rusty. Could we get a new gimlet?”

Mom: “I no see no moose”
Dad: Holds up Moose antlers.

“I had to snatch her away because she was fixing to get

“That’s doodoo, baby…”

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