Salmon – Baked – Santa

Fort Wainwright, AK

After all the ceremonies yesterday were over, the brigade organized a dinner for all the wounded warriors and gold star families (Which is us)…a Salmon Bake!!! What is a Salmon Bake? Valid question…but after having attended one, I still don’t know exactly what it was.  I guess I could say it was like a cookout, a very Alaskan cookout, with lots of seafood and wine!  The Salmon Bake was a great time for fellowship with amazing, strong soldiers and their families.  The Mayor sat next to us and showed us pictures of the moose and ‘martin’ in his backyard.

After the pancake breakfast and Wounded Warrior Walk (post later), we did some sightseeing around Fairbanks.  We got fudge from Santa’s House at the North Pole:

And took a picture of his upside down Christmas Tree…

We went to the Museum of the North where Mom made us all watch a hanus documentary titled ‘Dynamic Aurora’. You know it’s a great film when you hear my Dad begin to snore halfway through…

And we touched the Pipeline (which accounts for 25% of U.S. oil production annually.)

And we continued our sightseeing adventure by going to the top of a mountain used for skiing, hiking, training, moose roaming, mosquito breeding, etc. to get a great view of the post and the snow-capped mountains.

Summer in Alaska means 1) you Will get eaten alive by mosquitos, and 2) it is daylight all the time. Alaska with my parents means 1) not getting sleep due to snoring, and 2) waking up at 5 AM because “it’s 8 AM Owensboro time”.

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