Black Out Shades & the Stryker Brigade

“I’m Going to Alaska” was one of the first things my big bub said after graduating basic training (Army).  Never in a million years did I think I’d ever make it all the way up here to the North Pole, but alas…here I am…literally, 20 minutes from North Pole, Alaska – in Fairbanks. Seriously…I couldn’t pick my mouth up from off the floor until we got off the plane, and even then, I am still amazed by Alaska’s beauty.

After  a long deployment to Afghanistan, the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team 25th Infantry Division is finally home, but with great sadness in my heart, my big bro didn’t make it back with them…it is surreal to say that. This is one of those things you think can never happen to you or your family, but it can, and it did, and it sucks.

Memorial at Fort Wainwright, AK

So I am in Alaska this week for my brother – to remember the fallen, to encourage the wounded, and to welcome home his brothers, and second family.  Our country wouldn’t be the ‘Home of the Brave’ without you, and we certainly wouldn’t be the ‘Land of the Free’.

2 thoughts on “Black Out Shades & the Stryker Brigade

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Brandon would be proud. God BLess your family.

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