Pre Departure Jitters!!!

I am literally bursting with excitement! Why? Because I leave for Spain in one month! There is So much to do, but just look at where I’ll be studying, is it not gorgeous? Doesn’t it just make you want to read Spanish novels and get lost in the city? What a way to spend the summer.

So why am I going to Spain?

I am studying abroad with ISA for 8 weeks at Antonio de Nebrija University. I will be studying Spanish and culture and living with a host family. I love host families, because they are such a great way to truly immerse and become part of the culture.  They are pretty much opening up their lives and homes and kitchens, like we’ve lived there all along.

Today, I booked my flight! And to my surprise, 5 other girls, who are in the same program as me, are on the same flight as me. YAY! It was meant to be.

So throughout this month I will be getting everything ready and good to go.  I will find out who my host family is, and prepare for a placement exam I have to take once I get to the University.  Last summer, in Costa Rica, I had some issues with this… so I will be reading my Cosmopolitans in Spanish from now on.

Also, I am super excited because I will be V-logging while I’m there. Yay for you because I will be letting you live vicariously through me this summer. (;

Pre-Departure to do list:

– Turn in all forms and apply for scholarships

– Send in photo for abono (metro pass in Madrid)

– Get flight

– Buy travel shoes

– Get overnight bag (for excursions)

– Convert cash to euros

– Prepare for oral exam

– Pack

Stock up on parasite herbs (I don’t want to pick up any parasites while traveling, very common!)

– Get host family gift

– Make appointment with the dentist

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