Costa Rica

Pura Vida

I leave for the U.S. in just one day.  Time has flown by so fast, I wish I had 4 more weeks to do some more traveling. I have truly had such a mind opening experience, and my Spanish has improved more in the last 4 weeks then all of my semesters in college combined.  I am truly so in love with this culture and the people I’ve met.

Pura Vida is a phrase used in Costa Rica a lot.  Literally translating to ‘Pure Life’, it is hard to explain what it really means.  It is something that is learned over time…it is a way of life.  Pura Vida is enjoying the simple things in life, loving your neighbor, spending time with family, relaxing with friends, and not letting small things stress you out.  Pura Vida is the attitude and personality of Costa Rica.  When I would stress out about presentations or exams, one of my classmates, Dustin, would always say ‘Pura Vida’, and it gave me a whole new perspective.

I can’t believe my month here is over.  It feels like just yesterday I was crying in my room because I didn’t have any food and I choked on my placement exam.  I have had to overcome several challenges while being here, but that is to be expected when your as adventurous as me.

On one of our last days in class, we threw a little fiesta and just enjoyed our time together. Some of my classmates wrote a song called Pura Vida and played it for us! (Video below)

I can say with confidence that I Will be back for another taste of Costa Rica. Until then, Pura Vida!

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