Costa Rica / Wildlife

Wildlife at Arenal

All of the wildlife I saw at Arenal was at Los Lagos, our hotel, because we didn’t venture far from there. As soon as I got off the bus at Los Lagos, a little girl ran up to me and said, “There are monkeys back there!” and she was pointing violently and telling me of how she just found wild monkeys.  A good sign for people like me who obsess over finding wild animals in their natural habitat! Los Lagos had a little miniature nature museum (or whatever you call it) that had everything from a butterfly garden to a crocodile farm. I eventually got word of the hotel toucan that had made its nest in a tree right outside the hotel property.  What a beautiful bird!

My friend the Toucan

I spy with my little eye…a Lizard!

Butterfly at Los Lagos

A frog with blue legs and an orange body

Found this little turtle after searching forever

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