Costa Rica

Horseback riding

Los Lagos (our hotel) provides a horseback ride to the ‘lookout’, which is supposedly a really great spot to view Arenal, the volcano.  I’m an adventurous girl, so yeah, sign me up!!! Keep in mind, I have never been on the back of a horse in my life. On my way down from my room to the little ranch it was raining, and the volcano was covered by clouds; but, I was still mentally prepared for a horseback ride.  The guide gave us all a poncho to wear so we wouldn’t get soaked by the rain…and a cockroach fell out of one…not a good sign.  I’m the first to mount the horse, and I freaked out a little.  I thought I was gonna break the little guy’s back, but I was still ready for this great adventure.  Then we started moving… Our guide had me jumping my horse across creeks, going up hillsides, going down hillsides, navigating through forestry with a path not even wide enough for me to walk through, let alone a horse! It was definitely an experience of discomfort to say the least. My whole body is still store. Not only that, but we barely got a glimpse of the volcano because of all the rain clouds.  No matter though. It was a great bonding experience with mother nature, and some classmates.  That is what adventure and travel are all about: getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things; learning from bad experiences, and looking ahead to new ones.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding through the forest

The lookout, Arenal is hiding behind a huge cloud

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