Costa Rica

Guide to Volcanoes

Our next and final excursion is to Arenal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.  Here are some tips to surviving volcanoes in Costa Rica:

1) Don’t be afraid.

– The chances of a volcano erupting exist, but the chances of a volcano not erupting are even greater.

2) Beware of the clouds

– In the rainy season, it is often cloudy in Costa Rica.  When you visit a volcano, be sure to check the weather and make sure rain is not in the forecast.  If it is, and there is no controlling the day you go, then be prepared to wake up early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the volcanoes.

3) When you hear rumbling in the middle of the night, don’t panic

– We stayed at Los Lagos resort, the closest resort to the volcano itself.  In the middle of the night we could hear rumbling of the volcano that sounded like thunder. You will probably hear the same kind of noises that sound like the volcano is literally about the throw up, but no worries. This is completely normal.

4) Hot Springs

– Take advantage of the hot springs near the volcano.  Many resorts like Los Lagos have hot springs, they are like hot tubs only better! The water in the ground near the volcano is heated up naturally so the hot spring is like a whole dug up and full of water heated by the volcano itself.

5) Enjoy

– Volcanos are so distinctive and beautiful.

Volcan Arenal

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