Costa Rica / Wildlife

Wildlife in Monteverde

I was so eager to meet some animals in Monteverde, that I took some buddies and we walked for what felt like days to find the sloth rescue, and the hummingbird gallery.  My guidebook listed these as the best places to look at, so I didn’t think it would be too hard to find it. But…walking through clouds, fog, mist, taking the wrong path at a fork in the road and having to backtrack made it difficult.  Looking back, I just have to say it was so worth it.

Lucy, a rescued sloth

A tarantula coming to visit us at the hotel.

An exotic bird

An even more exotic bird

costa rica hummingbird birds

The hummingbird gallery!

One thought on “Wildlife in Monteverde

  1. This is an amazing blog! It has the tools to lead me to the destinations you were at! You make me want to adventure off to the places you have been! I will remind you all the places you went stressed me out! makes me jelious.. lol

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