Costa Rica


On the weekends, we go on excursions which are little mini-vacations.  Our first excursion was this weekend to Monteverde, the cloud forest.  If all of Costa Rica had real highways, it would have only took about 3 hours to get there, but it took us 6 because outside of San José, some of the roads were dirt, or on mountains.  That was okay though, because it gave me just enough time to study my Lonely Planet guidebook!

The view from our hotel at sunset

I was so happy when we got to our hotel.  It was a 5 star resort, which is what is great about ISA.  Instead of hostels, we get to stay in incredibly nice places.  I desperately wanted to take my pillow from the hotel back to my house in San José.

The canopy of the cloud forest

Deep inside the cloud forest

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